Where we’ve been

To know where we are going, we probably should start from where we’ve been…

Years ago, almost 4 to be exact, when we first relocated from Chicago to South Carolina, I worked for a large corporation and worked from home when I wasn’t traveling. That offered me a lot of flexibility when I was home. We had our furniture damaged on the way from Chicago to South Carolina and I ended up deciding that it was better to get antique wood furniture to repair and restored to use around the house than the cheap particle board furniture that’s on the market. That begin a love affair with taking old pieces and making them new again.

Funny how when you’ve never done something before, you can get consumed with the fear of trying something new. The first time I worked on a piece, I felt overwhelmed. But I realized it then, it’s a learning experience and if I totally sucked at it, I could start over. Or worse, I could go to Target and pick up a dresser. Truth be told, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be crafty enough to do some of these things, but I guess I decided awhile ago that the worst that can happen is I try it and I fail, so why not try it? I have never shied away from a challenge, instead I’ve always thrived for it. I also find that I can channel negative energy into whatever I am working on, so it became a win-win, turning some negativity into something beautiful.

I get asked often, where do you come up with the ideas? I usually look up ideas online once I decide on a general “feel” that I am trying to achieve. Sometimes, when I see a piece or a space, I can imagine what it would be like completed, those were always the easiest to work with because I can see every detail and how I want it to be, then it’s just the act of the execution. There were times when I surprised myself while working on a project, I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks. I remember when my husband came out to the garage one night and commented, “I didn’t know you knew how to use a saw”. I may not have known how to use that particular saw, but I had used power tools before (thanks shop class!). Overtime, I added more tools and skills. It got to the point where I could whittle wood to repair a 1920s buffet leg to almost match exactly, I still pat myself on the pack for that one. I tell my friends who ask about how to do something, don’t feel overwhelmed, if you can imagine it, you can do it.

So why did I stop working on furniture for others? As time has gone on, and with a change in jobs, which is now almost a 4 hour commute a day; my free time gradually became less and less, as happens in life. I haven’t worked on pieces of furniture for other people in about 2 years. Throw in another baby, and a move to a new house and now most of my time is dedicated to renovating and decorating our current home. So this is where the name for this blog comes from, all the trappings in my daily life dictate what I can do and when I can do them. Time, money, age, dictate the direction I am going, and it can take unexpected turns. What’s the saying? Life is what happens while you’re making plans? I’ve always been a believer, you can’t plan for everything. But you can fight the tide or go with the flow. The best things that have happened to me have been unexpected surprises.

If I haven’t lost you thus far, than get ready to jump right in. We will be all over the place, as is my life with 3 kids, almost being middle aged, and being a working woman. It can be chaos times a thousand. Most of the blog will be about DIY crafting and home decor, the other half will be about my quest to try new beauty products in my adventures in attempting to stop time, because, lets face it; most of the beauty projects out there look great on every 20 year old Youtube star but does nothing for a middle aged mom of 3. My skin isn’t what it once was, hell, neither is my body. Plus it doesn’t help that I have absolutely no makeup aptitude and have a tendency to look like a hooker clown when I put makeup on. When the blog isn’t talking about decorating, beauty, expect me to switch into proud Tiger Mom  mode and talk about my kids and family.

This is us in a nutshell, this is where I am coming from, so off we go! Up, up, and away!


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