Looking for a Miracle

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am Asian. And what comes with that is some stick straight hair. My eyelashes are no exception. My lashes aren’t usually attention worthy, I’m pretty sure I can go through life without anyone every mentioning my lashes because they lack noteworthiness to the point that I don’t even notice them. Sure, when I was younger I tried to curl them but spoiler alert: Asian lashes, much like Asian hair rarely holds curls (unless you are one of the rare unicorn Asians with curly hair, then I salute you!) I’ve tried eyelash extensions but eventually they start annoying my eyes. Either an extension is too close to my eyeball (one time I had one placed just on the wrong side of my lash line and it drove me nuts), or my just start getting uncomfortable, or the glue agitates my eyes. But whatever the reason, extensions really aren’t something I can see myself doing long term. Oh, did I also mention I am lazy?

While I would love full and long lashes, that’s really not in my cards. So I decided a few weeks ago to take advantage of all the sample sized mascara sold at Sephora. While I was there perusing the bins, I found a Lancome mascara minis box set, hooray for holiday box sets that don’t sell! I was on a mission, I was going to find a mascara that elongated, thickened, and curled. But on top of this long wish list of the miracle mascara, I also needed one that would not smudge onto my lower lid/face. This was going to be a tall order. So I braced myself and walked up to the counter with this haul:


Now, I pretty much don’t have enough eyes for all this mascara but at fun sized tubes it wasn’t too costly. So I started down the road of testing them out. I only got 3 mascaras in when I found…the unicorn mascara! But before I get to that, I will say that out of these mascaras I did find some pretty amazing ones, which I will go back and review in the next few days. However, lets skip right to the clear winner!


Simply Naked Beauty makes this 3D Fiber Mascara and it does everything on the checklist and more. I stumbled upon it while looking online for a few items on Amazon. There were an insane about of reviews, but, as with any online products and reviews, you need to take it with a grain of salt. Amazon reviews can be reliable, but buyers need to be aware that companies will gift free product for reviews, some reviews are otherwise being compensated, and sometimes the reviews are fake. I wasn’t sure if it was really worth it try it so I didn’t buy this when I first saw it but did come back a week later and purchased it. It costs right around $20 and since I have Prime, it’s free 2-day shipping.

I’ve never used 3D fiber Mascara before. This one arrived with plastic shrink wrap around it. When you open the box you find what looks like an eyeglass case, which contains the two tubes of product, instructions, and a lash brush. I read the directions and followed them carefully just to make sure I didn’t apply it wrong, since I really wanted to know if it really worked or was all hype.


Here’s 3 coats on one eye! On the other side you can my naked lashes, unimpressive, huh? Since it worked so well, I decided to see what it would like if I kept building it up and how long and thick I could make my lashes.


Six coats later and my eyelashes are almost touching my eyebrows. It needed to be combed out with the lash brush, but SLAP ME TWICE AND CALL ME SALLY!!! This was impressive! Over the last few days I’ve gotten better at my application and can now get it looking like this in about 3 or 4 coats.


What is this sorcery?! Well, it’s the fibers and the gel working. It’s amazing. Not only does it elongate, thicken, and it CURLS! Curls! I cannot even begin to explain to you how much I love that my lashes can do all this, by itself with just 2 tubes of product. It doesn’t smudge, though after application I do have to brush off the fibers that fall onto my face so I don’t have dark smudge-like spots on my lower lid/face. But it holds all day.

The next question is probably, how do you take it off? I soak a cotton pad in warm water and put it over my eye for a few seconds and that loosens up the fibers and then gently rub them and it comes off. It doesn’t come off super easily, which is exactly what I want because I don’t want it all over my face after application. Whatever is left that I can’t get off with the above technique, I take a little bit of makeup remover on a cotton pad and gently rub my lashes and it gets the rest.

Things I love about this product?

  • Elongates my lashes and you can keep building it longer if you want.
  • Volumizes and can be built up to desired thickness
  • Curls my lashes without having to curl them
  • Doesn’t budge once you seal it with the “Gel”
  • It actually works!
  • The ingredients are natural and non-irritating so sensitive eyed people can also use it.

Things that I don’t love (and this is really nitpicking):

  • Prior to applying the last coat of the “Gel”, fibers will fall onto your face an can look like a shadow or a smudge so you need to dust off after you have applied the last coat of gel. I use a regular powder brush to do this.
  • Fibers can get into your eyes, that’s why it’s important you coat your lashes from halfway out and not from the start of your lash. Keep a bottle of eye drops handy if fibers do fall into your eyes.
  • Need to comb it out when you get too many fibers in one spot (I feel like this was mostly my user error because I didn’t realize that it does dry rather quick).


You can actually see my eyelashes in my photos! Not to shabby for $20. Grade: A+. You will definitely get your money’s worth. Pay attention to the direction and don’t get it too close to your eye or you might end up with a few fibers in your eye.

**This is not a paid review. I purchased the products on my own and without any incentive other than wanting to find a product that works for me.**

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