Project Granny

Before we moved to the South, I never crafted. I don’t know what it was, mostly because of the travel schedule I was keeping and the fact that when you’re in your 20s, wreath making is not usually at the top of your priority list. Nowadays, I find my stress relief in little projects around the home. Like the good Granny I am. I will be doubling down on this whole Granny persona tonight when I get my knee walker, yes, you read that right. I said “knee walker” because I sprained my ankle. I might as well just bust out my blue perm (I’m halfway there with my purple and blue hair) and the Werther’s Originals now.  Where was I again? Oh right, wreaths.

With the seasons changing I needed to make some Spring time wreaths. We don’t have wreaths large enough for our over-sized front door and some of the older wreaths I do have aren’t in the best shape from being out in the elements over time. Plus, I don’t have wreaths for the different seasons and occasions—which I have noticed is actually a must-have in the South. Wreaths on your doors is a big thing here, but it wasn’t in Chicago, so that might have been another reason why I never made one while living there. Wreaths are much like Monogramming is here (alas, as someone with only two initials, that will never be me). If you are anything like me and can’t spend $150 on a large pretty wreath, making your own might be the way.

First, you need your supplies:

  • Grapevine wreath frame (30″ is $15.99 and 24: is 7.99–don’t forget your 40% off coupon for Hobby Lobby
  • Flowers of your choosing: I used lavender, hydrangeas, peonies, and mums: total investment on flowers was $133
  • Wire cutters
  • Glue gun and glue sticks


Generally, I pick artificial flowers that come in the colors I am looking for. For spring, I wanted lighter floral with a few darker pops of color. I’ve never been a pretty pretty princess type of person so super light color and all pink is not an option for me. We have quite a few different flowering plants around our home so it was pretty easy to coordinate with those flowers. I also wanted something bright enough that it would look good on an ivory colored door as well as a black colored door.

When I go into a wreath project, most of the time I just randomly place items based on spreading out the colors. You will just need to get a sense of what you like. I have seen some really cool wreaths that have colors clustered together, that’s something I might try next time. Keep in mind, I like my wreaths really full, your cost for the flowers might be significantly less if you would a more spread out look.  Overall project time was about 2 hours on the 30″ and 1 hour on the 24″. Total cost was around $150 for two wreaths. At the store, one wreath was that amount for what I wanted.

Finished projects, first, the 30″ wreath. Which now resides on our front door.


And our new 24″ wreath which is on our side entrance.


As  my Mother-In-Law says, “Spring has sprung!” What do you think? Leave a comment or questions!


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