Monat Haircare Review

If you read my Jamaican Black Castor Oil Challenge post, you probably saw that I mentioned I tried Monat. Monat is a haircare line that promises damage repair, hair regrowth, and moisturing properties. It’s sold through representatives, so it’s another MLM (Multi-level marketing) product line that you can only get from a distributor. Since I was experiencing thinning hair and damage from bleaching, I figured I’d give it a try. It couldn’t hurt right? Famous last words.

***Please note, I do purchase my products for reviews but in the case of Monat I did receive a few of the items in a gift exchange. But that in no way alters my opinion or am I being compensated.***

I started out by getting the Monat hydration system. Which consisted the Renew shampoo, Replenish masque, and the Restore leave in conditioner. I added a tube if the Renew conditioner as well. My friend who is a rep gifted me the blow out cream, the Rejuvebeads, and some hair spray. I received these in November and was excited to give it a try.

After reading up, I expect that I would have some hair shedding as it “detoxified” and got used to the system. So when my hair was falling out, I didn’t think much of it. It smelled great, but…my hair felt like straw. After a few weeks using it once or twice a week (that’s only as much as I wash my hair since I don’t wash every day), my hair felt drier and dryer and I felt like the shedding wasn’t decreasing. So I contacted my friend. She wrote me back and offered to send me the Black shampoo. She also informed me there was an issue with Monat’s ingredients supplier who was impacted by Hurricane Harvey and that the products made in that time frame wasn’t working properly so she was going to get me a replacement Renew shampoo.

When I got the Black shampoo, I liked the mint tingle. My hair did seem like it was more moisturized and wasn’t shedding as much. So I thought the issue was fixed and I was on my way to new and improved hair. But then the shedding started to intensify. My hair started looking dry and stringy. It just looked lifeless and unhealthy. Granted I bleach it and dye it. However, I didn’t have this problem when using other products. The dyes I also use have no ammonia and are all plant based. I only bleach it every 8 weeks or so and most of the time only on the ends. But it looked terrible all over.

So after 3 full months of trying to make it work, the straw that broke the camel’s back was noticing my hair line is now receding and noticable in my part and my ponytail is now half the thickness it was before I started. The amount of hair I was losing each wash was terrifying….I’m not talking about a dozen or two strands. I’m talking about clumps of hair, handfuls as I rinsed their product out of my hair. Enough is enough, for me anyway.

My receding hairline 😔

I have plenty of friends that love the product and use it religiously with positive results. But that’s not me. Now I have a dozen or so items that I am tossing into the discarded products drawer and trying to use Jamaican Black Castor Oil to help and see if I can restore my hair volume and health. I don’t regret trying Monat, however, it was pricey and I would have been better just sticking to my salon product. You live and you learn, it was worth taking the risk had it work. I’m just glad to know it is not the product for me and being able to stop in time before I lost more hair.

Overall grade F.

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