YSL Le Cushion Encre de Peau aka Fusion Ink Cushion Foundation Review

If you are ever looking for the Holy Grail of cushion foundations, most will point you right to the YSL Le Cushion Encre de Peau. From YSL’s page:

For those who missed my previous cushion foundation post and are wondering what a cushion foundation is, it’s a liquid foundation that is packaged inside a compact where it is housed in a sponged. The foundation is applied to your face using an antibacterial and antifungal sponge and patted on. This sponge and the patting acts like an airbrush, transferring product in a light layer that offers maximum coverage and zero weight. Most cushions offer the ability to build upon it’s initial layer with subsequent layers to add more coverages on areas that need it most but without added weight or caking.

This YSL delivers a flawless finish but I do find that it doesn’t haven’t the ability to build like the other Korean cushions. The Fushion Ink cushion is more versatile because it offers more color variations to cover a broader range of complexions, not just Asian complexions. I wear their color in #40, I’ve seen the colors go as high as #70 but it’s not easy to find colors beyond #50. SPF is significantly less than other cushions at only  23. But one of the most inconvenient things about this cushion is it’s limited distribution, meaning it is only sold in Asia. And unlike it’s Asian counterparts, at $70-80 a compact, it’s one of the priciest. This price does not include a refill, which most cushions include in their price.

So if it’s so expensive and doesn’t come with a refill, why is everyone enamored with it? It’s because it delivers everything it promises and more. No, it isn’t build-able, but the flawless complexion you’re looking for comes on the first layer after application. I get more compliments on how great my face and skin looks when I wear this cushion than I do on any of my other cushions. The way this foundation distributes on your face just give you an even complexion and radiant tone. Ruddy and lifeless skin be gone!

YSL Cushion with light from Simple Human mirror
With just regular indoor lighting

The packaging is also prettier than most, and I am not a huge fan of gold tones, in general. But nothing about this product gives the impression that it’s cheap. It oozes luxury, even the application sponge feels like it’s a better quality than other cushion applicators. When the YSL cushion originally came out, refills were not offered and I hated the idea of tossing a perfectly good and expensive compact once the sponge ran dry. But now refills are available but will cost you around $45+ exchange rates.

This is one of my go-to compacts when I am having a day where I just want to kick it up a notch. I pick up my compacts and refills in Asia, but it looks like you can buy them in Amazon and eBay, just be careful of counterfeit items. It’s lightweight formula is the absolute best in the hot and humid South Carolina weather. I don’t feel like it’s running down my face or cause an oil slick on my face when I start getting hot.

Overall grade is A- because of lack of ease in accessibility and cost/lack of refill included.

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