Clio’s Kill Cover Cushion Review

Sometime in the summer, my friend mentioned to me that she was going to be getting a gift set of the Clio’s Kill Cover cushion and if I wanted one. I said sign me up! I paid for the product and had it shipped from Texas so I could try it out. Since that time, I have only used this cushion 3x and here is why: it’s so unflattering, oily, and has no longevity. I think maybe I am not the demographic that this cushion works best on…since I have “mature skin” and all.

Clio’s product description for it’s Kill Cover:

Clio Professional’s Kill Cover Collection’s newest addition delivers the perfection of a liquid foundation in a cushion. An innovative first-of-its kind combination of a cushion and liquid foundation. Infused with liquid foundation, achieve a seamlessly flawless and refined texture and finish with the added benefit of UV protection with SPF 50. In addition, 33% of its formulation is made up of hydrating ingredients recharging skin’s moisture levels while the hybrid clear powder absorbs sweat and sebum to keep make up looking fresh without excess shine. Air Touch Powder and High Refractive Index Oil delivers moisture to the skin without being excessively shiny, for a luminous semi-matte, silky finish. Touching up and reapplying sunscreen has never been easier with this cake-free formula that provides uncompromising full coverage, long-lasting all day flawlessness, in a velvety smooth and lightweight formula.

This is the set that I purchased, in shade #4. In truth, it’s one shade too dark on my face, I probably could have gone lighter.

The set comes with the cushion compact, already loaded with product, a refill bottle of the foundation, and a bottle of pink primer.

I was initially really excited to try it when I got it. It was still incredibly hot, here in SC, so I just assumed that the hot weather was the culprit for how badly it applied and wore. But, I tried it again once the weather cooled off a bit and got the same results so I put this set way in my makeup drawer and haven’t touched it again until yesterday.

Right after initial application, before the oil slick set in full force, you can already start seeing it’s shiny on and around my nose
Regular indoor lighting

My experience with the cushion is that it applies heavy, and even though it’s supposed to be a semi-matte, it is super shiny. Not just dewy, but straight up shiny, as if I have oil control issues. And this is on my super dry skin. I thought it was due to the primer so for one application, I tried it without, still the same result. Additionally, the way the foundation settles, it actually looks like it settles right into my pores and fine line, accentuating my imperfections instead of masking them. The wear on this product states 24 hours, but by mid-day the skin around my chin was completely devoid of foundation. Granted, I do touch my face throughout the day, but I try to minimize that as much as possible. Maybe if you had younger drier skin, this cushion might work better for you. But somehow the oils in the foundation reacted poorly to my skin. And being someone older and having some fine lines, this foundation just couldn’t help but settle in. I was extremely unhappy with how this product felt on my face and how it performed. I was reminded why I never reach for it. Overall grade: F.

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