The Jamaican Black Castor Oil Challenge: 1 month out results

Here we are, about 1 month out, exactly from the start of the challenge and the verdict is in: so far…it appears to be working.

Just to review, I have been using the JBCO since February 28th. I wash my hair every 4th day or so, so some weeks I only wash my hair twice–which also means I only treat my hair that many times a week. I put it on my scalp, massage it in, and sometimes I rub Argan and Jojoba oil on my ends just for extra conditioning. I let it sit overnight and then wash it out in the morning. I do double shampoo my hair in the morning, usually using the Shea Moisture JBCO shampoo dry, with little or no water, directly on my scalp to break up the oils. Rinse, and then repeat with the Art Naturals Argan Shampoo. After I’m done, I put the Shea Moisture JBCO rinse out conditioner on my scalp and the Art Naturals Conditioner on my ends. Afterwards, I towel dry, put in some Moroccan Oil Argan oil on my all over, focusing on my ends and some of the Shea Moisture JBCO Leave-In Conditioner.


When I first posted about this challenge, I had mentioned a little bit of scalp tingling, which at the time I dismissed as wishful thinking. But now it seems like it’s a permanent thing and may be an indication that the follicles are being stimulated. When I was using Monat, my hair was falling out in clumps; just washing my hair in the shower meant that I would turn into Chewbecca by the time I stepped out because I would be covered in all the hair that fell out from each wash. At first, the hair shedding seemed like it was slowing after each treatment. After my first two washes, each wash only left about a dozen or so hairs on me (my arms and torso, etc), so that was an improvement. Now that we are about 6 or 7 treatments out, I am only getting about a handful of hairs falling on me after each wash. This morning I only had 1 hair on my arm. ONE! It’s been a relief to know that my hair isn’t shedding like it was previously.

Now, you’re probably thinking: less shedding is great, but is hair growing back? Is your hair getting longer?

The answer to both is a resounding: yes! So far I have noticed new baby hairs coming in where there was none previously, especially in my natural part–where it was most obvious that I was balding.

The before, focusing on my natural part
One month into the challenge
If you look closely, you can see the tiny baby hairs
Overall, my hair looks much healthier and fuller

For next month’s pictures, hopefully, I will have my t-shirt here where it has the measurements on the back so you can see it quantified. But yes, it’s definitely grown, and it’s easiest to tell where it was short (red circle previously).

Now, you’re probably wondering: Does it work for your eye lashes? Take a look below.

Before: Ignore how shiny my face is, I have a sleep pack on
One Month out and face no tilted down, no mascara
One month of JBCO, face tilted down a little, no mascara

I definitely think there has been some growth to my lashes in the month. It’s also looking much thicker, which is more evident on my left eye. I do need to say that I use the JBCO solution for my eyelashes more often than I do for my hair, since I am not a daily hair washer. I usually put the solution on my eyelashes every night after I have finished my Korean skincare routine, or if I forget, every other night. I rub the oil into my eyelid so it’s not just on my lashes, but be careful not to get it into your eyes or too close to your waterline or you could end up with a sty or eye irritation.

Overall, it seems to be working. From what I have found, it’s going to take about 2 to 3 months for it to start working on my hair, most likely closer to 3 months since I have my washes so spread out–therefore my treatments are spread out. I am also having my husband try this for his hair as well, he’s only done it about three times so far. Next month I hope to be able to recap my own hair and lash growth as well as his improvements, if any.

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