Jamaican Black Castor Oil 2 & 3 Month Results



Sorry for the long lull between updates. Life has been crazy.

So without futher ado here is the update on my JBCO (Jamaican Black Caster Oil) Experiement. Since I skipped my end of April update (month 2), I’ll just combine everything here.


Back at the very start of May I went and chopped off my hair because it was just looking raggedy from all the damage I had from the Monat. I had close to 3-4 inches removed to try and get myself to good place with my ends. I’m still at least another trim from getting rid of the last of the damage…maybe even two trims. I’ll include the photos from before I went to get it trimmed, compared to where we started as well as after the trim (with a measurement) to the end of the 3 month experiment.


For those that remember, my hair was receding at my natural part. After three months of JBCO use, the receding hairline is all but gone. Check out the volume of my hair in the before and after, you can definitely see a difference just by looking at my hairline.

The below photo is right before I got the haircut to try and get as much of my dead ends gone as possible. This was at the end of April, two months in. I tried to line up the size and level the photos so you can get an idea of how much my hair grew in 2 months. Which was a TON! You can tell by looking at my left side where I had all those short hairs that were significantly shorter, which was no longer the case at the end of April.

Took a quick measurement of my hair right after the cut. My hair measured right at 10″. At the end May, my hair measured at 11″, which is crazy given I only use the oils maybe 5 or 6 times a month, max.

If you remember I was also using the oils on my eyelashes. But at the end of March I stopped using the oils for 2 weeks so that I could do a side by side comparison with Rodan + Fields Lashboost.


**Just a disclaimer: I received the Lashboost for free to test.**


After the two weeks I started applying the Lashboost on my left eye and kept the JBCO on my right. I tried to remember to apply every night but there were nights where I did forget. Overall, both the Lashboost and the JBCO performed great in lengthening and volumizing my lashes. The Lashboost has to be purchased through a rep and costs $150. One thing I noticed with the side that received the Lashboost, it seems the growth was more uniformed. And as my lashes got super long, they fell out (so that’s why you don’t see the super long ones on that side) whereas the side that used the JBCO oil grew all willy-nilly so you can see quite a bit of long and short lashes.

**May 2018 photo does have 1 coat of mascara on**

In Mid-March or there about, my husband started using my JBCO mixture on his hair as well. He has noticed significant thickening and rapid hair growth. Even his stylist has asked him what he’s doing to his hair because it’s gotten so much thicker. He definitely uses it more often than I do since he washes his hair daily. I would say he uses it around 4 or 5 times a week. His main problem areas are where his hairline is starting to recede and thin. Honestly, we can all tell a big difference the oils has had on his hair.


Overall, the results were more than I expected and I was pleasantly surprised. Not only is this option affordable, but if you go back and look at the volume of my hair in the above photos you an tell that not only did it excel the growth in length but also in thickness. Everything I could ask for and more. I am super impressed at this natural hair growth remedy and will continue to use it going forward since it’s drastically changed the overall appearance and health of my hair. The affordability and delivery of what was promised alone is worth the cost.
Grade: A+


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