Product review: Cashmere Hair Extension (Clip On)

I’ve been working on getting my hair healthy from all the Monat damage and hair loss and the other combinations of abuse I’ve put my hair through. With the amount of cutting I have to do every time I go in to get dead and splitting ends trimmed, around 4 inches each time, my hair is definitely not growing longer fast enough. Since Facebook is a stalker, they kept popping up ads for hair extensions and I finally clicked one to see if it was going to be worth investigating.

After a bunch of research it seemed like hair extensions of today are nothing like those I remember existing years ago. Not only is it not plastic doll hair, it can now be applied quickly, removable, and without damaging your existing hair. I had it narrowed down to Luxy Hair and Cashmere Hair. Both were made with Remy hair, which is real human hair. Both were woven onto a cloth backing, though Luxy Hair does offer one that is part of their Seamless line that is on a silicone backing. Both clip into your hair with pop clips that are wrapped in silicon. Prices were very similar. The weigh of the extension were similar as well (weight is determined by how many hairs are woven to each backing).

But in the end, there weren’t as many reviews about Cashmere Hair, and those out there were almost all positive, so I decided I wanted to try it. Additionally, their website was very helpful in determining the weights and lengths that would be correct for your hair. As well as styling and wearing instructions and tips. It really was very helpful and really sold the idea to me that I could manage these extensions.

Firstly, I was blown away with their customer service. I originally ordered the Dark Brown 20″ extensions. They were the wrong shade, about 1 shade too light. (There’s a tester strip in each package for you to try to see if it’s the right color/length before you open the tamper proof pouch with the product.) I received it on Monday, June 11th after ordering it late, on Thursday the 7th because they upgraded my shipping. I called that evening and spoke to Mary. She told me how to do an expedite exchange so that I could get the new darker extensions in before Friday, the 15th. Yes, I had to order the second set before they received and refund my first set. But Mary made it easy by making the appropriate notes on my account and also following up with me via email to confirm that a full refund would be given once my return was received and not to worry about any restocking fee.

Secondly, when the Black Brown extension arrived today, as well as the first set, the first thing I noticed was just how high quality the hair was. It was so soft and silky, it reminded me of my old hair. The hair that I am desperately trying to get back. The color was spot on, even in direct sunlight. That’s because the tracks are multi-dimensional. They are not monotoned so they look like real hair. No one’s hair is one solid color, neither are the extensions, giving it dimension and a realistic look.

Third, the packaging is simplistic and clearly marked. The tester strip is marked. The actual product is clearly marked and has a tamper proof sticker. It tells you if you open the section with the real product you will not be able to return it. At first I was disappointed it wasn’t packaged more sophisticatedly, but then again, I don’t need big bulky packages. It saves on storage. It also saves on shipping. Care instructions are on the backing card. It states that the hair should be washed after every 3 to 5 wears. It goes through how to wash and dry the hair. It can be styled like your own hair. Avoid swimming and showering with the hair on. Don’t color the hair, etc.

Here is how it arrives:

Top pouch holds the real product, bottom is the tester

Tester piece, comes attached to the car with a hairnet keeping it neat
Here’s me testing it to see if the color is correct it was šŸŽ‰

Since the package required a signature on delivery because it’s a pretty pricey item, I had this set sent to my office to make sure there wasn’t any delays since I plan to wear these this weekend for our anniversary getaway. I was pretty excited to get them on. Here is what my hair looks like normally:

The Before
The After

The after was done in under 10 mins without a mirror. The hair extensions were not brushed out so that’s why it’s kind of going all over the place and more “clumpy”. But overall…just WOW!

Once I got home, I reapplied it more carefully, with the help of a mirror. I brushed and flat ironed the extensions and my natural hair and this was the result:

Overall, I am beyond impressed. The customer service was exceptional. The quality of the extensions were beyond what I imagined. The price is up there and might not be for everyone. For the 20″ clip ins it was $270, plus shipping. I originally used a $20 off coupon so that helped. But I also understand that to get quality human hair, it’s not cheap. The cost definitely was reflective of the quality and did not disappoint. From what I could gather, they regularly have coupons. The wide variety of hair colors, as well as fun/funky colors like pinks, blues, and purples are also very appealing for someone like me who has had and love crazy hair colors. Grade: A- only because if cost.

If you’re like me and trying to grow out your hair and want more volume, get these extensions!

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